Ode to Belfast

M.J. Bronstein_Belfast, Maine_watercolor

For the past 25 years I’ve loved, in a big way, hand-painting photographs and traveling on or near the sea. These past few months I’ve spent hours and days by the sea in my own town, Belfast, Maine, and I’ve been painting. But I haven’t been painting on photographs.


I’ve been preparing for some upcoming summer workshops, and the process has been filled with surprises.

marcie Bronstein_Belfast, Maine_watercolor

Removing the photograph and working in nearly miniature size ( 5″ x 7″) has been exhilarating.

M.J. Bronstein_Belfast, Maine_watercolor-sea

Watching the sea, the sky, and the light shift and turn,

M.J. Bronstein_Belfast, Maine_watercolor-paint

and returning, day after day,

M Bronstein_watercolor-maine-sea

to the same area of the waterfront

m j bronstein watercolor maine- 4

has connected me to both the sea and my town in a new way.

m J bronstein- watercolor-Maine sea 3 copy

Framing the world without looking through the lens of a camera is a great, addicting challenge…

Belfast, Maine, Marcie j Bronstein-watercolor

Next week I leave for Northern Europe, where I’ll be spending a month traveling on the Celebrity Eclipse, teaching watercolor classes to my fellow travelers. I’ve prepared some fun projects that reflect our Icelandic-Norwegian itinerary (an Edvard Munch-inspired Scream painting for example), and I’ll try to post some photos of passengers’ works as we go.

marcie j Bronstein_Belfast, Maine_watercolor

Watercolor adventures will continue back here in Maine, when I’ll be teaching watercolor to kids at ArtLab ArtCamp at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art.

*My ongoing series, Ode to Belfast, can be seen HERE.